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How I wrote a blog

Date published: 05 September 2023 | Estimated Read Time: ~2 minute(s)

What better first main blog post than explaining how the site that hosts my blog was made. tldr: Source Code.

First i'll preface this with some caveats

  • This framework has been made specifically to my workflow
  • It's a major WIP and will evolve over time
  • I didn't want to use a prebuilt framework like Gatsby as I wanted this site to feel more personal

Now that's out the way the tech stack, it's a simple tech stack for hosting - GitHub Pages with a custom domain routed via cloudflare. As for the what I call the builder, this script handles the generation of the site, it's written in Javascript and uses the EJS templating engine. The script will a set of basic steps

  • Find all markdown files within a specified directory
  • Parse these using showdown
  • Calculate Reading time
  • Generate full html pages using EJS and prebuilt templates
  • Save html files to output directory
  • Copy any other assets like images
  • Generate the homepage, articles page, privacy policy
  • Compile SASS
  • Done!

There are some other missing steps like validation but that is the general inner workings. The deployment script is still very much a work in progress and has already caused many issues, but the idea behind it:

  • Build the site
  • Checkout to the blog branch
  • Commit the docs
  • Push
  • GitHub actions does the rest

Some other honourable mentions are I'm using PM2, nodemon and http-server to make it easier to locally write and view the articles. If you're curious then the Source Code is open on my GitHub.