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Why I wrote a blog

Date published: 05 September 2023 | Estimated Read Time: ~2 minute(s)

Edited on: 05 September 2023

First of all introductions, 👋🏻 I am Jake, a software developer/engineer, I would say full stack but with a backend heavy background. I like 🕹 (video games), 👀📺 (watching tv) and most importantly 💻 (programming).

I often work on weird intrusive project ideas, these might never lead to a final finished product or they lead to something I use regularly and then iterate on. So to document my processes, crazy ideas or general thoughts I have created this blog. Some funny projects I've worked on in the past:

  • Bin API (Lets me know which bin needs taking out)
  • Food management service (To keep track of whats in my cupboards)
  • A micro app to lets me know when an piece of Ikea furniture was back in stock

What to expect? Well I am not 100% sure yet, it will however been an interesting journey I will definitely write posts about projects I've worked on, there might be posts about other hobbies I have but all in all lets hope it's an interesting one. No one will read these posts anyway but they're here for me to reflect and for the search engines to consume.

How I built this blog can be found here